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      邮 箱:jyd@jydit.com.cn
      地 址:北京市海淀区知春路111号理想大厦608室

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      BeijingJYD Technology &Development Co., Ltd.

      -------- Integrity,Innovation, People Oriented


      Beijing JYDTechnology & Development Co., Ltd. wasestablished in April 1997(hereinafter referred to as “JYD” or “the Company”).It is a professionalcomputer sales and system integration company with theindependent legal person qualification,and it mainly engagesin system integration, software research & developmentand sales for entire line of productsof IBM and Lenovocompanies; the Company’s registered capital is RMB20,000,000.00 Yuan, and theannual sales performance has been remaining theleading position in the sameindustry all along. The Company has set up branchcompanies or technical supportcenters successively in Shijiazhuang,Tianjin, Zhengzhou,Shanxi, Shandong,InnerMongolia, Shenyang,and other places. In order to enable the Company’smanagement standard andquality to reach a new level, the Company obtained theISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate in 2004, and obtained theSystemIntegration Qualification Certificate that certified by the Ministry of Information Industry ofChina again in 2004.


      JYD and IBM GridComputing Department cooperated inestablishing the only one “Grid andDepthComputing SolutionsTesting Center”in Zhongguancun area of Beijingin 2003.


      JYD has been keepingthe qualifications of the designatedsupplier of IBM products of the CentralGovernment Procurement Center, IBMXSeries Diamond Class Dealer, IBMminicomputers and storage products agentsince 2003, and JYD has been knowingas “Gold Agent of IBMAzure Sky Blue Sea Massive Products Partners” since then.JYD was honored to beawarded the title of IBM System X China Channel SalesChampion for six consecutiveyears from 2008 to 2013. Even under the recessionof the whole industry in 2012,JYD still remained a high level performance of650 Million Yuan.


      The Companyformulated detailed plan, that is to say, theshort term goal (within 2 years)is to boost the annual sales volume inthe field of system integration to10%, and to try to get greater development;the staff size will be increased to170 persons, with the more reasonableorganization structure and more perfectflow of work and more standardizedmanagement. The Company’s medium term goal(within 3-5 years) is to furtherincrease the investment in technology research& development so as tomaintain the leading edge in technology; to boost theannual salesvolume in the field of system integration to 20%, the staffsize will beincreased to 190 persons, with considerable management level andtechnology research& development level. The Company’s long term goal(within 5-10 years) is tostrengthen the Company's core competitive power, inorder to become a well-knowncompany in China’s integration industry, and strivefor boosting the annual salesvolume in the field of system integration to30%, the staff size will beincreased to about 220 persons, with the first classenterprise managementlevel in China.


      In recent years,along with the protection and identificationof independent intellectualproperty right by Chinese government, Chinesesoftware market meets its springand enjoys a bright prospect. Thus, theCompany established the SoftwareResearch & Development Department in 2012 basedon the full market researchfor the purpose of further develop the Company’sexisting mature technologyservices to a depth extent relied on IBM softwareproducts and tailoring theintegration solutions with distinctive "bluecamp" style for clientsby virtue of the inherent advantage of IBMhardware products. Thereby, it alsowill promote the Company to develop towardsthe trend of more maturity in bothsoftware and hardware.


      JYD’s relevantproducts not only were recognized by State GridCorporation of Chinaand Ministryof Construction but also accepted by extensive users. TheCompany’s products notonly possess a certain forward-looking merit but alsopossess the prominentadvantage in fitting the user’s service, humanizedoperation interface, projectorganizing and implementation abilities and otheraspects.


      Meanwhile, ourCompany also can offer the integrated systemdesigns and solutions that suitablefor the requirements and development of the jewelryenterprise managementplatform, the enterprise private cloud system [abbreviation:Private Cloud], aswell as offer the integration system, engineeringcontracting and varioustechnical services and technical support. At present,the Company possesses alarge number of talents who is familiar with the technology,service and marketin computer industry.

      JYD fully playsitstalents advantage to continuously improve the technical business managementlevel based on consumerdemand-oriented principle according tothe business philosophy “Integrity,Innovation, People Oriented”. Among theengineers team, most of them possessthe qualification certificate of SeniorProject Manager or Project Manger or IBM,Cisco, Oracle or other certificates.The Company can offer the serves coverproducts sales promotion, scheme design,pre-sales consulting, systemintegration, network interconnection,after-sales support, softwaredevelopment, training and several services forusers.


      JYD focuses onunderstanding the latest technical developmenttrends and market trend throughsharing the market resources and technology resources,in order to bring usersthe domestic and foreign advanced technologies andproducts with first-classservice. By virtue of the high quality products,professional technologies andexcellent quality service, and along with thestable development of theCompany’s business in the industry, in recent years, JYDhas been affirmed bythe industry and won a series incredible honors, and many socialwell-knownenterprises and public institutions came because of JYD’s frame anddevelopedseveral forms of cooperation and communication with JYD, meanwhile, JYDalsoestablished the extensive cooperation partnership with a lot of users.Thisbrought the well economic benefits for JYD on the one hand, and on theotherhand, it also helps JYD to expand the horizon and lay the solidfoundation forthe Company’s well and sustainable development.  


      All staffs ofJYD firmly believe that the senior soundmanagement personnel, perfect marketingsystem, professional technicalpersonnel, integrated and thoughtfultechnical support and thoughtfulservices, sizeable customer base, high qualitybusiness connection and consistentlygood service records must will enable JYDto become a high-tech company withcomprehensive competitive power in the ITindustry and to contribute its duepower for China’s informationindustrialization construction.